Simple Cremation Plan

Simple Cremation Plan

$2,780.00 $795.00

Basic services of funeral director and staff
Transfer of deceased to the funeral home 1
Crematory fee

Select a cremation container * 

Required for Cremation 2

Select an urn * 

Required 3

Select an urn vault * 

Select for burial of urn

Additional Services

Certified Copies of the Death Certificate

Death Certificates are issued in the County where the death occurred.
$10.00 per copy

Refrigeration * 

Medical Examiner’s Cremation Certificate * 

Required for Cremation 4

Travel Protection * 

The Treasured Memories® Travel Protection Plan removes the burden on your family if death occurs away from home. In the event of the death of the beneficiary more than 100 miles from his or her legal residence( legal residence is where the beneficiary lives 180 days or more per year ), Treasured Memories will fully arrange and pay for all costs involved in transportation from anywhere in the world, saving your family thousands of dollars.

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  1. First staff member included. For each additional staff member required, there will be a $100.00 charge.
  2. Cremation requires placement of the body in a vessel that is inflexible and completely flammable.
  3. Cremation requires a final vessel for the remains.
  4. The state of Florida requires a Medical Examiner’s certificate before a cremation can be performed.


*Cremation time depends on the number of scheduled cremations

**A refrigeration charge will be added after 24 hours

***Additional charges may apply in cases where the transfer of the deceased is from a residence

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