Jeffrey Moores

July 29, 2014

moores 3moores 4SAMSUNGSAMSUNGJeffrey Moores fought a long, hard battle and outlived the expectations of every doctor and specialist he met. He was just that stubborn. He traveled the US and England as an Air Force brat and revisited many places when he proudly served in the US Army. His favorite spot was Alaska, having survived their most memorable earthquake.  Nothing gave him more joy, though, than being the father to Jodi and Sara, husband to Nancy, and the bestest grandpa to Robert. While life didn’t go quite as planned, he made a great stay at home dad, taking great pride in learning how to brush hair and tie ponytails. Laundry was his strength, cooking his weakness. Jeffrey was an FFA alumni but started his girls in 4-H at a very early age and moved into a volunteer leader roll quickly. Hogs-R-Us 4-H was an award winning club but Mr. Jeff just enjoyed watching the kids grow, learn, show, and take pride in themselves. He loved children and would have taken a dozen more had his health not diminished at an early age.  It was a proud moment when he was named an honorary member of BSFFA.
His life would have ended much sooner if Robert hadn’t come along and made him the happiest, proudest grandpa ever. That boy brought new meaning to “fight for every day”, and Jeff fought hard. Whether it was on his lap, in the hospital bed, or pushing him down the hall, Grandpa beamed when Robert was around. In June 2014, we were together as a family for father’s day, Jeff’s 59th birthday, and our 29th wedding anniversary. Those milestones will be our memories. Goodbye my bud – thanks for being mine for 29!  We will love you until the day after forever.

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